About Me

Lisa Lehrman

I’m a front-end engineer looking for work in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like contributing to open source projects that seek to improve communication between humans in order to reduce gaps between cultures for the betterment of society. Outside of coding my strength is in communication. Hablo español también!


I went to California State University, East Bay, where I got a B.A. degree in English with a minor in Spanish. Currently, I’m studying Computer Science at Chabot college.


In 2019 I participated in a full-stack software engineering apprenticeship program at Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center in Redmond, WA. After that I worked as a contract UI developer at Apple Pay for a year and a half. Currently, I’m working as a contract front-end engineer at an ecommerce platform where I help to maintain a library of React components that are consumed by other teams.

I’m looking for a workplace culture that fosters diversity and inclusivity. I want to create user-centered, quality software.

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